Personalized LDS Temple Art on Canvas, Metal, or Paper!

Temple pictures are a source of inspiration and a reminder of the most important things in life! Temple art in the home helps adults and children keep their sites on the House of the Lord.

We specialize in high quality pictures of LDS temples that can also be personalized with your name, sealing date, favorite scripture, or quote…and we are here to help bring your temple art to life specifically for YOU! If you’re looking for fine temple art, you have come to the right place.


Brandon Buchholzer (pronounced buckle + zer) is the photographer and owner of I love photography and the architectural beauty of LDS temples and have brought my passions together to provide high quality temple art at affordable prices.

In the 90’s, I entered the world of photography…it was fascinating! Before the digital age, I worked with 35mm film. I learned to roll it, load it, expose it, develop it, dry it, and then bring it to life in the dark room. My love continues all these years later.

Growing up in Ohio, my parents had a big picture of the Washington D.C. temple in our home. I loved that picture. It was the first temple I entered as a youth. It was one of my first memorable experiences of feeling the Spirit in my life. That helped put me on the right track in life.  To me, that picture of the D.C. temple was a symbolic beacon of light and I hope my work can do that for others!

Our team at LDS Temples On Canvas are dedicated to providing the highest quality of craftmanship and customer service. Every temple print we produce is hand made with love and made to last.


Shersten and I met in 1999 in Salt Lake City, UT just a few months after my return from my mission in Los Angeles, CA. She was a country music fan, and I wasn’t so much. We ironed out our differences and became great friends which led to our marriage the following year in the Salt Lake Temple.

We have been fortunate to have 5 very energetic children that have filled our lives with joy and countless teaching opportunities. Family life is great, and even though family home evenings sometimes turn into family fight nights, we enjoy the benefits of being together and growing in our relationships.

Aside from eating ice cream, we like going to Sea World,  having family movie nights, bike rides, swimming, the zoo, funny YouTube videos, taking naps, piano, guitar, viola, playing sports, and of course, taking pictures!