Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2016-10-27T03:21:27+00:00
What if I do not like my artwork?2014-05-01T19:39:09+00:00

We want you to completely happy with your LDS temple print! We have a 100% love it or leave it policy. If you are simply not happy with your purchase, please contact us and let us know and we will do what we can to fix the problem or simply give you your money back. There is no risk for you here! You may also request a digital proof at checkout so you can get a very good idea of how your picture will look before it arrives.

Can I get rush shipping on my order?2014-05-01T19:33:30+00:00

Yes, just click the “Rush” shipping method during checkout. Rush shipping is an additional fee. Our standard shipping is free…and still comes pretty quickly.

How do I hang my new temple artwork?2014-08-20T19:22:29+00:00

Every canvas picture comes with professional grade hardware and wire already installed right out of the box. All you need to do is put a screw in the wall, hang it up, and take a step back and smile. We even put the little rubber bumbers on your art so it sits nicely against the wall.

For our unframed paper prints, they are just that…unframed. With this option, you can put your temple picture in any frame of your choosing and then simply hang it up as you would any other picture frame.

How thick are the pictures?2015-01-04T07:05:15+00:00

Canvas Prints: When we talk about thickness, we are referring to how far away from the wall the art protrudes. Our smaller gallery wrapped prints are 3/4 inches thick, going up to 1.5 inches and then 2.5 inches for our largest prints. Our sizes are clearly shown during the check out process. The actual canvas we use is of the highest quality. It is a bright white, cotton-poly blend, matte textured canvas that is 20.5 mils thick.

Framed Canvas Prints: We provide the option to have a frame built around your canvas print. This frame is just over one inch thick away from the wall. This size is standard regardless of the size of print you order.

Paper Prints: Our photo paper prints are 9 mils thick and arrive with a satin finish. These prints are intended to be put in a frame and hung. Our paper prints arrive to you unframed.

Is a gallery wrapped canvas better than a traditional framed picture?2014-03-20T19:03:59+00:00

It depends on what you are looking for. Many art museums display their artwork on canvas prints because of how well they display, especially under light. The reflective glare on a traditional glass framed piece of art can sometimes be very distracting. A canvas print will soak up the light and bring your print to life without having to look at it from different angles. A canvas print is also much lighter in weight than a traditional glass framed print. You can hang it with confidence, even our very large prints.

Is your artwork a painting or a photograph?2016-10-27T03:21:28+00:00

Every art piece is a digital photograph enhanced to bring out the aesthetic beauty of each temple. All images were professionally composed and captured by Brandon Buchholzer using high quality Canon equipment. No painting here (we are not quite that talented).

What does gallery wrap mean?2014-03-20T19:03:59+00:00

A gallery wrap is the method of stretching canvas around custom built stretcher bars which are assembled tightly together to create an internal wooden frame. The canvas hugs the wood frame and looks stunning! The finished product is absent of an external frame and meant to be displayed as such. We hand-coat each LDS temple picture with a high quality laminate to protect it from scratches, fading, dust, UV, and fiery darts.

What is a temple on canvas?2016-10-27T03:21:28+00:00

This means that we create high resolution digital photographs of LDS temples and professionally print those images on museum quality canvas. Hence, temples on canvas! Our pieces of fine art are built to last a lifetime of viewing pleasure.

How long does it take to get my art?2015-01-24T00:02:50+00:00

We produce and ship your LDS temple art piece within 5-7 business days after you place your order. Once it leaves our center, it will vary on where you are located but most shipments should arrive within 15 business days.

Who do you use to ship my temple picture?2014-03-20T19:03:59+00:00

We use FedEx and UPS as our shipping partners.

What is the best way to clean my LDS Temple Art print?2014-03-20T19:03:59+00:00

If you have a soft duster, that will be your best way to keep it clean. If you need to wipe it or clean it more thoroughly, do so with a damp cloth and common sense. Do not use solvents or heavy cleaners on your canvas print.

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