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Here is our NEW WINNER from the October 2017 drawing!

Win a Free 24 X 36 Temple Picture

Each General Conference, we give away a large 24 X 36 temple picture to one of our fans (a $259 value). Next drawing: April 2017. We get our kids involved in the drawing and create a little video of it. They have a great time and somebody wins a new temple picture for FREE!!. It’s a win win!

If you win, you may choose any temple picture we have available and customize it with your own wording. Once you enter the contest, you stay in the drawing forever until we stop doing drawings. If you win, your name will be removed to increase chances for those who have not won. That’s it! Good Luck!

Simply Fill Out the Form On This Page

Here is our WINNER from the April 2016 drawing

Here is our WINNER from the October 2015 drawing

Here is our WINNER from the April 2015 drawing

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